According to Jeff Ullman's google+ post, he is already working on a new MOOC on data mining, which is definitely good news!

asked 08 Aug '12, 11:17

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jdu mentioned this again in his G+ feed today:

Funny thing -- I'm working on a new MOOC: large-scale data mining with Jure Leskovec and Anand Rajaraman. When I went to my Coursera page for the new MOOC...

I hope this happens. I wonder if it will be based on Mining of Massive Datasets
For those who can't wait, Gradiance has course materials based on MMDS.


answered 19 Aug '13, 13:13

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answered 09 Feb '13, 05:13

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Thanks. Note that the tweet was from October 2012. He is teaching CS246 Mining Massive Data Sets http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs246/ right now (slides and readings are available there). Lectures are available (for a fee) on http://scpd.stanford.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=11785 I wonder if they are planning on offering this through Coursera eventually? @rialmat is probably right about just asking jdu if I really want to know.
(09 Feb '13, 10:36) rseiter ♦ rseiter's gravatar image

Looks like this is finally happening!

Jure, Anand, and I are getting close to finishing the MOOC based on this book. It will run on Coursera. We had hoped to get approval to start around April 1, 2014, but it looks like the start will be pushed later in April. I'll give a more precise date as soon as I know.


answered 16 Mar, 12:24

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Still not here. Does anyone know what is happening with this? I just posted a question on jdu's post I linked.
(10 May, 12:33) rseiter ♦ rseiter's gravatar image
Another G+ post about MMDS class https://plus.google.com/110300059908499284579/posts/e5T4SN5gRM4 A new offering of Automata is starting 9/1/14.
(04 Aug, 14:03) rseiter ♦ rseiter's gravatar image
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Looks like this course has dropped:


Mining Massive Datasets This class teaches algorithms for extracting models and other information from very large amounts of data. The emphasis is on techniques that are efficient and that scale well.


answered 29 Sep, 17:30

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Ya It's on the way. We might see it soon.


answered 08 Aug '12, 11:59

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Has there been any further news on this? (I did a quick search and did not see anything, but thought it might be worthwhile checking here)

To add some information content to my question ;-) jdu has some slides on data mining at http://infolab.stanford.edu/~ullman/cs345-notes.html


answered 08 Feb '13, 15:09

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I'm also looking forward to this course, but cannot find any further information, either. I guess the most effective way to require further information is to ask jdu himself. Since jdu is an active google+ user, it may be worthwhile leaving a comment below his google+ post.
(08 Feb '13, 21:39) rialmat rialmat's gravatar image
(21 Aug '13, 13:36) robrambusch ♦ robrambusch's gravatar image
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