After having more than a year of experience with MOOCs across all major platforms, I'll still give the highest quality score to edX as they have been very patient and exceedingly effective at choosing their partner universities and maintaining quality standards in their courses.

Today as I was just strolling through the website, I happen to note that following universities have been added under edX initiative:

  • Rice
  • ANU (Australian National University)
  • University of Toronto
  • McGill
  • EPFL
  • TU-Deflt

In my opinion this is simply GREAT! I'm a CS major by profile. And universities like Toronto, Rice, McGill and ANU have excellent CS departments. I think, with this announcement edX is getting back at Coursera for their recent 25+ university partnerships.

In a way, I'm astounded on the growth that both these platforms have shown. I mean, It's not even one year since Coursera was formed. If I remember correctly, it was established in April 2012 and edX launched it's first round of courses on 24th September. Today after 10 odd months, there are 300+ courses on Coursera and some 50+ (and lot many more coming) courses on edX.

It only remains to be seen what impact do these initiatives have on University education.


Vaid, Abhishek

asked 03 Mar '13, 00:25

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edited 03 Mar '13, 00:26

It's interesting to see how universities like Rice, U of Toronto and EPFL will handle their dual partnerships with both Coursera and Edx.


answered 05 Mar '13, 09:41

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I'm curious about this as well. Another example was UC Berkeley (which seems to only be on EdX now? does anyone know more about what happened there?). Are there any other universities affiliated with both?
(05 Mar '13, 11:39) rseiter ♦ rseiter's gravatar image

Thanks! More information at

I agree that the growth has been amazing. It seems like there is a good story in describing how the online course providers have been able to scale so rapidly. Hopefully someone will write it...


answered 03 Mar '13, 12:27

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rseiter ♦

@rseiter Correctly said buddy! Waiting for that story! Also waiting for Udacity to scale as well. Their recent overhaul has been very good. A lot more navigation options. But still dearth of quality courses.
(03 Mar '13, 12:40) vaidabhishek vaidabhishek's gravatar image
When one of your competitors take a gigantic move, you'd better not just sit there and do nothing. I think we should all thank Coursera for their efforts to invite more universities to join them, which in turn led to the immediate response from one of their competitors.
(05 Mar '13, 09:55) rialmat rialmat's gravatar image
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