Feeling kinda tossed in the deep end...

Without code completion, meaningful error messages, written examples, or the ability to see the examples while I'm coding, I'm feeling pretty helpless. Those are the 4 tools I use to learn how to do things, and we don't have any of them.

I'm sure the videos are all recorded by now so that can't be changed. And the Udacity interface isn't going to change overnight either. So I don't see really anything that can be done.

It's just really frustrating. I was very excited about this course but now I feel like for every minute of lecture time I watch, I'm gonna spend 5 looking up stuff on wikipedia and google.


And the response:

This is a response to this post, cross-posted as its own question so it's easier to respond to and see. Please read the question to understand what I'm responding to.

This has been a common complaint so far, and I'd like to address it and why, I think, it's happening, as well as what I'd like to do about it.

One, we're trying to cater to two different audiences here. The first is web developers who already have experience with Javascript, but don't know how game development translates into their field. I think we're doing a decent job of reaching that audience, though please correct me if I'm wrong, or we can do anything to better reach you if you're in that audience.

The next is people who already have programming knowledge, but don't have knowledge of Javascript specifically. I think this is really where we're falling down. Our original idea was to not target this audience as well, but we, and specifically I, wanted to at least try to bridge the gap a bit for people who didn't already have web development experience.


asked 01 Mar '13, 15:24

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One of the problems with the HTML5 Game Programming Course is that HTML5 Game Programming itself is a very challenging topic. Especially without any kind of framework. Even the most basic things like resource loading are asynchronous, the unhelpfulness of javascript error messages is legendary, and at the end of the day html5 still has a huge hit in performance compared to native Games. And on top of that, Game programming itself often isn't that easy, either.


answered 03 Mar '13, 11:46

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