I'm final year CS undergrad student from India. We need to do small survey for our final year project. Can I post survey here ? We are not getting much response. It'll be helpful to get few more responses.

Link :- http://tolu.na/YGa1Eh

asked 23 Feb '13, 00:06

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edited 23 Feb '13, 21:21

I'd be happy to fill out a survey for you akrocks, provided its not too long.


answered 23 Feb '13, 08:02

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Ben Haley

Thanks @Beb Haley. It is short. 4-5 questions.
(23 Feb '13, 21:20) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
Cool @akrocks. I just finished. Here's a few notes I made while taking the survey that might be useful to you: for location I would choose 'online' for aspiration I would prefer to rank my choices or select more than one option It would be helpful if this survey had text boxes so I could explain myself when I chose other (as I have above)
(24 Feb '13, 09:37) Ben Haley Ben%20Haley's gravatar image
Noted it down :) Thanks Ben..
(24 Feb '13, 11:39) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
Sorry, I would answer but I'm not in your target audience -- I got my first job 30 yrs ago :-)
(25 Feb '13, 10:42) Jose Jose's gravatar image
@Jose please answer it.. We have no problem with that.. :)
(26 Feb '13, 08:14) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
@akrocks, its done :-)
(26 Feb '13, 12:17) Jose Jose's gravatar image
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