“American Heritage—From Colonial Settlement to the Reagan Revolution”

Lectures in the not-for-credit online course are delivered and Q&A sessions conducted by members of Hillsdale's history department faculty, and readings are drawn from the American Heritage Reader used in the American Heritage core course taught on Hillsdale's campus.

Approximately 40 minutes in length, lectures will be released each Monday according to the schedule below. Once available, each week's materials can be viewed at your convenience.


asked 04 Feb '13, 19:02

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robrambusch ♦

edited 04 Feb '13, 19:02

Do you know anyone who took their History 101? I signed up, but did not follow because I was too busy when it was running. I'm tempted (history is one of my favorite subjects), but taking far too many classes at the moment.


answered 04 Feb '13, 22:55

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rseiter ♦

My wife took all three classes and enjoyed them. She's a real history buff though. I would find the format off-putting - the 45-minute lecture, the required reading, and the quiz all drop on Mondays. Students post questions on the forum and on Thursday the professor giving the lecture (different each week) answers questions. Sort of like office hours. I doubt I'd have the patience for the 45-minute lectures. I get cranky when Albert Cairo repeats himself during an 8-minute segment.
(04 Feb '13, 23:23) robrambusch ♦ robrambusch's gravatar image
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