I remember in late 2011, in the early days of coursera, a course named Computer Security was announced. Now(or maybe much earlier) it seems to have disappeared.

I can still see it's intro video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esxpFYJqEUg

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I guess most probably they cancelled it. Otherwise there are 200 classes on coursera. WHile they have not added it yet.
(15 Nov '12, 00:45) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image

A statement by the prof on the coursera info theory course:



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Thank you, mrBB!
(15 Nov '12, 08:54) rialmat rialmat's gravatar image

The course now has cropped up on Coursera: https://www.coursera.org/course/security

But no starting date announced.


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There was a delay between the first "semester" and the second while Stanford made sure there were no legal issues. Quite a few classes were never rescheduled, if it is not in this list I would assume it never went online:



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I found that a very similar course is offered at UC Berkeley called CS161 Computer Security : http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~dawnsong/teaching/s12-cs161/

Dawn Song of UC Berkeley was one of the professors who was to take that coursera course originally. Now that UC Berkeley is aligning with EdX, I guess(& hope) that the Berkeley version of this course would be offered in EdX in the future.


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Back in January, I accientally discovered that the berkeley cs161 was actually being offered through the couresera platform as well! And I was even able to create a coursera account(ahead of the time when the first coursera course went live) to access the course! You can read more on that in this thread: http://www.aiqus.com/questions/35427/i-think-the-delay-of-courses-is-mainly-due-to-administrative-problems But soon they seemed to have noticed some unexpected intruders and disabled access for people other than the berkeley students. Now the link provided in the above thread seems to be dead. Maybe they really are thinking about offering the course through other platform. This course was initially planned to be taught jointly by both Berkeley and Stanford Professors. I think the reason for the course's not showing up on the course list of coursera may be attributed to administrative issues between the two universities.
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Berkeley went with Edx..I guess that is why that course wont start now on coursera.. Hope it will come on edx..
(15 Nov '12, 06:18) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image

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And there used to be a course on Information Theory, but it also disappeared. I guess maybe the big delay of coursera at the beginning of this year has affected the instructor's schedule. I hope the course will be offered soon, for Information Theory is a very interesting topic that provide us with a new perspective on what we have learned in other courses. Why quick sort is that quick? Why tf-idf is a good indicator of relevance in Information Retrieval? These can all be explained by Information Theory.


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