A question for those of you who have previously taken a Coursera course that has since been re-run again (e.g. PGM).

Do you still have access to the discussion forums from the earlier session that you were enrolled in after the re-run of the course has begun? I am curious how Coursera has been handling this, and whether or not it appears to be the same across courses or differs on a course by course basis. Thanks in advance.

asked 10 Oct '12, 20:32

Norm%20Deplume's gravatar image

Norm Deplume ♦

The forums are all new, but I was able to at least view the forums from the first iteration of Design and Analysis of Algorithms I while the second iteration is running. (They enrolled me in the second go-round even though I'd already completed the first, for some reason.)


answered 10 Oct '12, 20:53

Jason%20Barrett's gravatar image

Jason Barrett

Could you elaborate a little more on the specifics of "...I was able to view the first iteration forums while the second iteration was running ..."? I am specifically interested in the Discussion Forums, not the lectures/assignments/quizes etc. Thanks.
(10 Oct '12, 21:02) Norm Deplume ♦ Norm%20Deplume's gravatar image
Sure, Norm. In fact I can still view it even though the second iteration has finished. When I go to Coursera's home page while signed in, I get the "Your Courses" page. That seems to include completed courses - I actually see "Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1" twice, the March version (which I completed) and the June version (which I think they enrolled me in accidentally). There's a 'View Class Archive' button, when I go there for the March class, I get the course homepage, and the forums link is on the left. Helpful, I hope?
(10 Oct '12, 21:18) Jason Barrett Jason%20Barrett's gravatar image

I can still see the forums from the first offering of the PGM course. When I go to the class page I can select which class to go to. If I select the earlier version the forums are still available. Similarly I can see the forums for both offerings of Design and Analysis of Algorithms (As @Jason Barrett notes) at the links https://class.coursera.org/algo-2012-001 and https://class.coursera.org/algo-2012-002


answered 10 Oct '12, 21:42

rseiter's gravatar image

rseiter ♦

@rseiter & @Jason Barrett: thanks much, exactly what I was looking for.
(10 Oct '12, 21:52) Norm Deplume ♦ Norm%20Deplume's gravatar image
You're welcome, have a nice night.
(10 Oct '12, 22:13) Jason Barrett Jason%20Barrett's gravatar image
One additional note, it is at least somewhat course by course. Coursera apparently took down all the course materials for the Sociology course. I don't know why.
(10 Oct '12, 22:22) rseiter ♦ rseiter's gravatar image

Simple answer is No. They start afresh everytime. I know it's a big annoying but this is how it works.


answered 10 Oct '12, 20:34

vaidabhishek's gravatar image


Could you please give specific examples? This differs from my experience.
(10 Oct '12, 21:38) rseiter ♦ rseiter's gravatar image
I tried this for ML and Algo re-run, but I wasn't able to see past posts .. :-( ... Infact, even at Compilers rerun currently in action , In my best knowledge previous comments are gone. But as mentioned by others, this might not be the case.
(10 Oct '12, 21:56) vaidabhishek vaidabhishek's gravatar image
Coursera is separating the forums for the different offerings. That does not mean the old forums are gone (you can only see them if you were registered for the earlier offering). I can still see the forums for the first offering of the Compilers course. I do not see any way to access the forums for the (pre-Coursera) version of the ML class though (www.ml-class.org now redirects to the Coursera ML class with no prior class access that I can see).
(10 Oct '12, 22:20) rseiter ♦ rseiter's gravatar image
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