As Udacity's all 6 courses will complete in June they will re offer those.But is anyone know which new classes they are planning to offer in June ? Any guesses ?

asked 30 Apr '12, 01:22

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Current list is now here -

Enrollment is open!

Starting June 25th:


  • Introduction to Statistics: Making Decisions based on Data by Sebastian Thrun (1xx)
  • Logic & Discrete Mathematics: Foundations of Computing by Jonathan Farley (2xx)

Computer Science


  • Intro to Physics: Landmarks in Physics by Andy Brown - ex-TA of cs373 (1xx)


answered 15 May '12, 22:18

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edited 31 May '12, 19:27

Legendary...Awesome.. Will the all previous classes will be rerun again though?
(15 May '12, 23:08) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
@akrocks yes, they will be rerun, probably in the self-paced mode
(15 May '12, 23:13) Gundega Gundega's gravatar image
@Gundega ♦♦: Will the new courses, as the old ones, be 7-weeks long?
(16 May '12, 07:16) fastred fastred's gravatar image
@fastred Yes, as far as I know
(16 May '12, 07:47) Gundega Gundega's gravatar image
@Gundega When will be classes for Operating System?? Any Idea?
(16 May '12, 10:15) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
Wow, hardcore! These were exactly the ones i was looking for!
(16 May '12, 10:58) man-with-the... man-with-the-silver-gun's gravatar image
@Gundega When Udacity's courses will start?? When they will be officially announced ?
(27 May '12, 22:55) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
@akrocks According to Udacity's latest post on google plus, the new courses will be announced tommorrow!
(29 May '12, 22:08) rialmat rialmat's gravatar image
It's more than 24 hours... When they going to announce?
(30 May '12, 22:26) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
@akrocks Udacity just tweeted an hour ago: Few hours till @udacity 5 new CS classes announcement !!!! prepare your self for the most amazing learning experience So I guess they will probably announce the new courses at midnight California time.
(30 May '12, 22:46) rialmat rialmat's gravatar image
I hope there will be maths, and Science classes along with CS.. As refreshment..
(30 May '12, 22:48) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
Any info on when in June will these start?
(31 May '12, 17:39) rbk rbk's gravatar image
(31 May '12, 17:46) Gabriel Trau... Gabriel%20Trautmann's gravatar image
Thanks, looks like official announcement has been made.
(31 May '12, 22:06) rbk rbk's gravatar image

I asked if I can inform the curious students about upcoming classes, and was told to wait a week before spilling some information. I will just say that some of your guesses are correct, and some are not :-)


answered 01 May '12, 07:30

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@Gundega please if possible tell them to create courses on System Programming , Operating System, Discrete Maths, Object Oriented and Modelling and Design, Intro To algorithms, Design and Analysis of algorithms.. Ya too big list.. Just tell them please give us core CS classes..
(01 May '12, 07:56) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
"Just tell them please give us core CS classes" - agree 100%. That approach would by really great for those who didn't major in CS in college.
(01 May '12, 08:48) fastred fastred's gravatar image
@Gundega - I'm guessing that "Programming a Robotic Home Environment That Will Raise Your Children, Feed Your Pets, and Dust Your Bookshelves - Using only Arduino, a Match and some Dental Floss" is one of the incorrect ones then. ;-)
(01 May '12, 10:24) robrambusch ♦ robrambusch's gravatar image
@robrambusch if robo do everything what you will do then?
(01 May '12, 11:15) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
@robrambusch Not for June, but there are two courses scheduled for January 2044: 'Programming a Robotic Robotics Teacher' and 'Building a Quantum Holodeck' Also, Sebastian has decided to teach a class "soon". Stay tuned!
(01 May '12, 12:29) Gundega Gundega's gravatar image
@Gundega it will be great if you tell them views of people.. It will be great to have core classes..
(01 May '12, 12:36) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image
@akrocks - The secret of management is delegation ;-)
(01 May '12, 12:37) robrambusch ♦ robrambusch's gravatar image
@robrambusch I would sign up for that course in a heart beat!
(02 May '12, 10:50) tuva tuva's gravatar image
@Gundega week is over.. Could you ask again :P
(12 May '12, 08:11) akrocks akrocks's gravatar image

according to Andy from the last office hour:

  • algorithms and data structures
  • software design and software testing
  • discrete math

answered 12 May '12, 04:16

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edited 12 May '12, 04:24

It seems to me that software design and software testing are two distinct classes
(12 May '12, 10:49) AINeko AINeko's gravatar image
it makes more sense. it sounded like it's a one class, but i could be wrong.
(12 May '12, 11:01) Kaplan Kaplan's gravatar image

I heard one of the TA mentioned Algorithms could be coming soon... I hope they will teach Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Some non-CS courses will be a welcomed surprise, such as How to Start-Up.


answered 30 Apr '12, 01:55

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According to this, John Regehr will teach a course on software testing.


answered 12 May '12, 07:29

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I've read that there will be 8 new courses in June.
There's rumors about Algorithms, Database (Unit 3 video 1 - CS253), Computer Vision and Machine Learning (Sebastian Thrun when he find the "force" and time :) ), here you can find the first list of courses appeared on Udacity in February


answered 30 Apr '12, 06:43

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From that list: OPERATING SYSTEMS, COMPUTER NETWORKS are my most awaited courses. Udacity & Coursera have been focusing on AI too much & the area of Computer Systems has been neglected.
(30 Apr '12, 10:06) rbk rbk's gravatar image

Have you considered providing one or several Math for CS courses ? UdacityDave : Yes - First will be in June

This is extracted from this thread in the Udacity CS101 forum under the category Udacity in general and The other Udacity courses.


answered 01 May '12, 00:18

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edited 01 May '12, 00:19

AFAIK, no new classes have been announced. There have been some comments made by the instructors that suggest more classes will be offered soon, but no commitment as to content or time scale.

The only one I know of is that Algorithms will be coming soon (it was mentioned in one of the office hour videos)


answered 30 Apr '12, 06:29

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I hope there will be new more 4 classes coming from Udacity. As I am getting whole month of June full free I'm planning to take first all 6 self paced classes in one month..


answered 30 Apr '12, 09:36

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