In a campaign released today, the professor makes his plea in an irreverent video that mixes in clips from a 90s true-crime show, and video interviews with students and professors shot from unusual angles. He explains that last year he ran the course, which is on digital storytelling and is called DS106, using his own equipment. But the class has grown so large that he needs a new server to keep it going, and he estimates that will cost him $2,900.

asked 29 Mar '12, 18:21

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robrambusch ♦

Did you see the linked article (from 2009)?
(29 Mar '12, 19:26) rseiter ♦ rseiter's gravatar image
What an amazing, interesting time to be alive! Revolutions here, revolutions there, revolutions everywhere ...
(29 Mar '12, 23:16) Hillbilly Hillbilly's gravatar image
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