Considering my current workload, I am not sure whether it is a good idea to sign up for the supposedly time-consuming PGM class. Has there been any word whether the class is going to be held again some time after the first run finished (just like ML-class)?


asked 19 Mar '12, 11:43

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My best guess is that period T = 4 months or T = 6 months; though it should be more frequent IMO.
(19 Mar '12, 14:10) smjohns smjohns's gravatar image
but that's just a guess, right? no official statements made?
(19 Mar '12, 15:41) paul paul's gravatar image
@smjohns: I'd rather ~6 (like ml) or ~12 (db).
(20 Mar '12, 12:33) gorlum0 gorlum0's gravatar image

You can just save the videos and learn whenever you can.


answered 20 Mar '12, 06:58

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smiron ♦

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