Hi, here's another two, this time for UDACITY.

1) Automatically go to the next video or quiz upon reaching the end of the current video.

2) Selects 720p video quality by default and changes page layout to accommodate this size. Quizes and programming editor needs further work (as I update the code on userscript all installed scripts will be automatically updated)

Tested on Chrome. Should also work on FF and Opera. This script can can be installed as an Chrome extension or as a tampermonkey script.

Install from:

1) Auto next video&quiz: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/126694

2) 720p quality and layout: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/126697

Check out also: coursera hack Custom video speed using [ and ] and [coursera hack] Auto next video (works on full screen)

asked 24 Feb '12, 20:47

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You are awesome! I added these to wiki too.
(25 Feb '12, 08:17) Gundega Gundega's gravatar image

Somebody on Udacity official forums asked:

Is there (or maybe could there be) a possibility to watch videos in a faster pace like it is implemented in db-class?

It's often convenient and practical to skim through the material we are (for instance) already familiar with and I guess that many users would find such an option useful especially when checking their answers to the quizzes.

Is it possible? Can you make something like that? Pretty please ? :-)


answered 26 Feb '12, 12:59

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You can speed up YouTube videos by opting in to their HTML5 trial at http://www.youtube.com/html5.
(26 Feb '12, 15:12) sagittarian sagittarian's gravatar image
Enabling HTML5 on Youtube only offers 1.5x and 2x speedup by default. There's a property 'playbackRate', though, which you can set to custom values (document.getElementsByClassName('video-stream')[0].playbackRate=##, found on Udacity forum)
(26 Feb '12, 17:29) rhasarub rhasarub's gravatar image
@rhasarub would it be possible to have a userscript that opts in HTML5 trial and add options to speed up by 10% like for Coursera videos ? I guess it should be possible? Haven't dabbled in Chrome extension coding
(26 Feb '12, 20:19) Gundega Gundega's gravatar image
@Gundega: I'm sure it is possible, but I never wrote an userscript myself...
(27 Feb '12, 05:41) rhasarub rhasarub's gravatar image

Really great thing!
But can you change so that it won't delete the list of videos and homeworks?
Will be truly superb!


answered 18 Mar '12, 15:12

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edited 18 Mar '12, 15:12

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