I am unable to play coursers videos on kindle fire. Anyone knows the FIX?

asked 23 Feb '12, 19:59

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Yesterday night I've finally got update to ICS 4.0.3 everything works perfectly with both Coursera and Udacity :D


answered 25 Feb '12, 09:08

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The coursera videos are h.264 encoded and in an mp4 container. You need to either find a video player app on android which can play these videos natively, or use a converter app to convert them to one your player can handle.

Note: @MLDev in this thread, is able to play them on his android device... but I don't know the details of what he has.


answered 23 Feb '12, 20:31

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the problem is with udacity :(, @MLDev play the coursera SaaS video without (So am I)
(24 Feb '12, 05:24) AINeko AINeko's gravatar image
@AiNeko -- The question, and my response, was about Coursera videoes not Udacity ones. Did you mean to say the problem is with Coursera? Are you playing the coursera videos on an Android device? If so, which device, which version of Android, and which video player app are you using? That might be helpful information to the original poster.
(24 Feb '12, 13:21) egoots egoots's gravatar image
@egoots Sorry, I'm so focus on solve the problem with Udacity that I 'read' udacity instead coursera in your post :) I've eee pad transformer with honeycomb 3.2.1, with android browser coursera works fine. With Opera it doesn't work (it open the video windows then freeze), with Firefox it have serious problem play the video; start, 2-3 seconds of audio, freeze, 2-3 seconds of audio, freeze and so on ... it's same problem I have with Udacity video, probably it's due to video codec
(24 Feb '12, 16:18) AINeko AINeko's gravatar image
@AINeko - thanks, that should be helpful info for some android users.
(24 Feb '12, 16:46) egoots egoots's gravatar image

Since @AINeko fixed his problems by upgrading to ICS 4.0.3, maybe this will help @rkaiqus :

Amazon Kindle Fire – Steps To Install MIUI 4 Android ICS Based ROM

Another MIUI 4 ROM is out, but this time the ROM has been released for the Amazon Kindle Fire, as we all know the Kindle Fire aka eBook reader is an awesome device. The device has got one more popular ROM that is know as the MIUI 4 ROM based on the Latest Android 4.0.3 Firmware, the best thing about this ROM is that it’s stable many times. Almost everything works on this ROM, that means it is stable for daily use.


answered 25 Feb '12, 12:37

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There are other people on udacity forum that have solved the problem using ICS. Udacity staff said that they (actually) doesn't support mobile :|
(25 Feb '12, 12:51) AINeko AINeko's gravatar image

I tried to put them up on my iPhone in Safari for my morning commute... they wouldn't open.


answered 24 Feb '12, 10:14

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I'm able to view them on my stock kindle fire 2 from the Website. It took a little trial and error to figure out. The trick is to scroll down until you get the play triangle lined up just slightly above the lower part of the screen. Then click "play". I still screw it up about 30% of the time, but I can usually get it going.


answered 04 Mar '13, 18:14

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Try this client https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.realex.free If it doesn't work you should install external video player, like MOBO Player.


answered 10 May '13, 05:19

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Aliaksei Rad...

edited 10 May '13, 14:00

@Aliaksei: does your app use some unofficial API or does it scrape html content directly?
(10 May '13, 07:17) fastred fastred's gravatar image
Partially I use unofficial API and partially scrapping.
(10 May '13, 13:59) Aliaksei Rad... Aliaksei%20Radzinski's gravatar image
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