Coursera courses "login page" ready. Example from Model-Thinking's welcome page, from PGM is the same and also from NLP, CS101, SAAS, HCI, ML, Game Theory, Cryptography, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Security, Information Theory, Anatomy and Making Green Buildings

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Next step to be done:

Courseara account creation page

Is not ready yet and without it you CAN NOT LOGIN!

(You can try at your own responsibility, BUT DON'T COMPLAIN!)

asked 14 Feb '12, 14:37

jimgb's gravatar image

jimgb ♦

edited 15 Feb '12, 11:44

@jimgb: I'd say this post is a little bit confusing for people. The login page was reachable for some days now, but since there are no accounts yet, it's not really 'ready'.
(15 Feb '12, 09:05) rhasarub rhasarub's gravatar image
You are right @rhasarub, I didn't realize that when opening it, hope now is less "ambiguous"
(15 Feb '12, 11:32) jimgb ♦ jimgb's gravatar image

This is it - the Minimum Viable Product. You try to log in and cannot. So you complain and they build an account creation page.

Soon you'll be able to create an account and log in. That will send you to a blank page. So you'll complain, "Where are the classes?".

Oh, you wanted classes? Lather, rinse, repeat...


answered 14 Feb '12, 14:43

robrambusch's gravatar image

robrambusch ♦

It's minimum, but viable? I'd call it TDD from hell.
(14 Feb '12, 15:42) lacucharita ♦ lacucharita's gravatar image
@lacucharita - "I'd call it TDD from hell." It's not really TDD, more like ACDD (Annoyed Customer Driven Design). I liked the rant you linked to.
(14 Feb '12, 15:51) robrambusch ♦ robrambusch's gravatar image
I'm getting a very bad feeling about these classes.
(15 Feb '12, 07:26) EdK ♦ EdK's gravatar image
Why? You're messing around with a site that hasn't officially been announced or released yet. Developers have several technical terms for people who criticise work that hasn't been completed.
(15 Feb '12, 07:37) jholyhead jholyhead's gravatar image
How can you argue that it has not been anounced when it is already more than three weeks behind schedule? I figured on getting ready for midterms about now. If they start today I don't know if I'll be able to fit the fianl into my schedule.
(15 Feb '12, 07:51) EdK ♦ EdK's gravatar image
When did they give out the links to the pages in the original question? I haven't seen them in an email, they're not linked to from the original pages (pgm-class etc), so where did they come from?
(15 Feb '12, 07:57) jholyhead jholyhead's gravatar image
THe fact that they have not published anything official in the last month is part of why I have a very bad feeling. I do not think I will be able to take the classes even if they do start eventualy. I hate vaporware.
(15 Feb '12, 08:21) EdK ♦ EdK's gravatar image
It's not vaporware if you've already seen the product. ML and DB have already happened. There are emails that have been received by some members about courses, one of which is slated to start on Monday and another has released some videos ahead of release.
(15 Feb '12, 08:45) jholyhead jholyhead's gravatar image
I probably should have stuck some smileys in my original comment. It was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek and a little sarcastic (but not very). I sympathize with their troubles getting the courses ready and with everyone here's anxiety about getting started. As new courses and ideas start to pile up, it's nice to have a place like this to come and read the course emails I haven't received yet ;-)
(15 Feb '12, 12:37) robrambusch ♦ robrambusch's gravatar image
In reference to my previous comment - smileys and emoticons are insufficient. Where is the graphic designer who can come up with the Sarcastometer? The Tongue-in-Cheekometer? I want to be able to calibrate the facial expression I had when I wrote the post. Of course there's always using the webcam to create a small animated video, I guess. ;-)
(15 Feb '12, 13:24) robrambusch ♦ robrambusch's gravatar image

Everyone - Coursera will announce when the courses are ready to go. In one email, or course by course. When that happens, people will put notifications of such up on aiqus. In the meantime, if you want to poke around an unfinished, feel free, but please don't come back and complain that it's not done yet, certain features don't work yet, it's vaporware. Coursera has acknowledged a delay from its original announcement, and it seems like they're working toward course launches.

If Coursera announces that a course is ready to go, and some piece of functionality doesn't work, why not try the following instead of complaining: 1. send a constructive email to the Coursera team, calmly pointing out what you think the problem is. Don't propose a solution, just let them know what problem you are having as a user. 2. Post an announcement about the problem you are having, and promise the aiqus community that you will post the response for coursera, when you get it.

I understand that it's disappointing that these courses aren't happening on Coursera's original schedule; I share the anticipation to get started with PGM, NLP, etc. But coming onto aiqus and complaining that a not-ready-for-launch site is, well, not ready for launch, is just a waste of your time and ours.

Those are some strong words, I know: please do not construe them as a personal attack; they are not.

(Please see comment below for some background.)


answered 15 Feb '12, 08:58

smjohns's gravatar image


As I've mentioned on a few threads now, I have built online courses before (it's actually more or less what I do for a living.) Assume for a moment that you are a Udacity or a Coursera employee. You are very excited about offering free, world-class education to tens of thousands of people who otherwise wouldn't have access. You are going to get feedback on your work from two sources: places like aiqus, and direct communications from customers. Imagine how they are going to feel about reading threads like this. They are going to think: "We haven't even launched the site yet, and already they're complaining about missing content." This only serves to discourage them from continuing their work. It raises an emotional barrier: all people do are complain, despite our best efforts. All that will do is make them less interested to doing things that create customer satisfaction. From offering us these incredibly cool courses. Let me put it another way. It is in our (the aiqus community) best interest to be as encouraging as we possibly can of these efforts, to evangelize them and speed up the timetable of their appearance. This doesn't mean that coursera and udacity will do everything perfectly. For example, coursera would be much better off with a more proactive approach to communications. When that happens, we can offer our comments constructively.
(15 Feb '12, 09:07) smjohns smjohns's gravatar image
Please consider this an appeal from me to consider constructive conversation as an alternative to the type of complaining that has become prevalent on this site. Again, I'm not telling you how to feel, or even what to say. I'm just asking you to step back and consider the potential consequences of your actions. Thanks for listening.
(15 Feb '12, 09:08) smjohns smjohns's gravatar image
As I said above, developers have a set of terms for people who get in a flap about bugs in software that hasn't been released yet, which is why the software hasn't been released yet.
(15 Feb '12, 09:15) jholyhead jholyhead's gravatar image
And users have a term for products that are not released weeks after the publicly anounced release date.
(15 Feb '12, 12:03) EdK ♦ EdK's gravatar image
I think you're completely correct on this, @smjohns. It's demotivational to receive criticism like this of something that we're not even really supposed to be seeing yet. I'm very glad we are seeing the bits and pieces, though, because it's encouraging to see something is happening. Although the delay might not be software based, I'd rather wait a bit longer and have something that works than have it too soon and it be poor. The delay might be frustrating but it would be worse if the course itself were a failure.
(15 Feb '12, 12:44) fnenu fnenu's gravatar image

Login does not work. I am a bit disappointed I must admit. I am waiting since weeks that the courses start :/ The worst part is that there are no good information about whats going on.


answered 15 Feb '12, 08:49

xe3tec's gravatar image


Here is something "interesting": in Cryptography there are 2 welcome pages: one from and the other from they are not exactly the same ... well, now that I check, it seems that all of them have the 2 possibilities.
But the credits must go to @rialmat, he brought the issue (maybe unknowingly) on the post from January the 22th


answered 14 Feb '12, 15:07

jimgb's gravatar image

jimgb ♦

I guess in the end all class will be hosted on and the domains will just redirect there. Otherwise they would have to register a domain for each new class, which would get ugly, soon, especially if you have people snatching away similar domains and you have subdomains like for classes starting not earlier than february.
(15 Feb '12, 08:52) rhasarub rhasarub's gravatar image

How do one creates Coursera account?


answered 14 Feb '12, 19:58

oleop's gravatar image


This doesn't seem to be possible, yet. I don't think they made the login link public intentionally, I guess it was just in the page layout already, and they didn't bother to hide it when they unveiled their 'work in progress' by announcing the model thinkers preview.
(15 Feb '12, 08:42) rhasarub rhasarub's gravatar image

When I go to the site I get : "Sorry, you took too long to login/register. Please try again."

Not sure what to make of this.


answered 15 Feb '12, 06:54

EdK's gravatar image

EdK ♦

He posted the link with his session id included. If you want to see the page, you can click 'login' on this page. But really, there's nothing there yet.
(15 Feb '12, 08:54) rhasarub rhasarub's gravatar image

They just should have send an mail with something like "Ok guys we need another month, we start in march, maybe earlier"...better than postponing it every week


answered 15 Feb '12, 10:08

xe3tec's gravatar image


Erm...that's basically what they did. "But since we don't have a firm timeline right now, we'd rather leave this open and get back to you with a definitive date soon (rather than just promise you a date that's far enough in the future that we can feel confident about it). We'll let you know a firm date as soon as we possibly can " 21st January
(15 Feb '12, 10:21) jholyhead jholyhead's gravatar image
@jholyhead, "soon" is over now. It's been four weeks (for an eight week course).
(15 Feb '12, 21:39) Anne Paulson Anne%20Paulson's gravatar image
"soon" is subjective. They were quite clear in that email that they were uncertain about how long it would take to resolve the issues they were having.
(16 Feb '12, 03:13) jholyhead jholyhead's gravatar image
they did NOT what I meant...they dident give any date, thats even worse...and if it would be April, at least there would be a date and if they finish earlier it would have been nice
(16 Feb '12, 03:27) xe3tec xe3tec's gravatar image
They explained in that email that in order to be 100% sure of making a specified date, it would be a long time in the future. I'd sooner be in the dark and end up with a start in March/April than be given a firm date of September.
(16 Feb '12, 03:35) jholyhead jholyhead's gravatar image
Seems that they miscalculated some stuff. As it seems by the updates work is happening and the courses will be up. With such an endeavor there should be expected some kind of delay. I'm just impatiently waiting for the courses to start. At the moment seems like udacity's idea to split up completely from stanford was the best one but the long run will tell which is the best way to go.
(16 Feb '12, 07:11) ermalguni ermalguni's gravatar image
I'd reather have a firm data in April I could make plans around than not be able to make plans at all. As things stand not I do not think I'll be able to take the classes at all, bucause I cannot clear time unless I know what time to clear.
(16 Feb '12, 07:22) EdK ♦ EdK's gravatar image
I agree with you totally @EdK, I had made plans myself. This time for me is perfect because my exams are finished and I am almost free till april when the summer term will start, but as it turns out I will have to take some of the online courses alongside my normal ones. That is a real pity but alas not in my hand. I will use this time to do some repetition study in order to be more prepared.
(16 Feb '12, 07:27) ermalguni ermalguni's gravatar image
I'm reading the books and watching the preview lecture, and other online lectures and learning the material on my own, without the classes.
(16 Feb '12, 07:33) EdK ♦ EdK's gravatar image
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