The online saas-class is a free version of Berkeley's CS169, which just started a couple of days ago. You can watch the videos of this course from Berkeley's webcast gateway: http://webcast.berkeley.edu/playlist#c,s,All,93A1C8DCB4C64AB7

The companion website of this course is: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1AbVJsI4flQWeEm6kX2IutBNv3yjmkpulfuQihIwCkuU#id.41ppdfl7e429

What i love about Berkeley is the huge variety of webcasts. There are numerous courses from a wide range of disciplines going online every semester. In this semester(Spring 2012), take computer science for an example, there are courses covering Operating Systems and System Programming(CS162), Programming Languages and Compilers(CS164), Artificial Intelligence(CS188), Software development(CS169), programming in python(CS61A), etc.

You can go to


to find out many more courses from any department and any semster in the past few years.

Below is the link where you can find a comprehensive archive of course websites:


You can download almost all the class material and related resources(including homework, source code of projects and labs and solutions to homework and exams)from most of the course websites, which is perfect for self-paced learning along with the webcasts that are available to the general public! Hope you enjoy!

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Here are a few Ruby resources from the Google doc mentioned above:



If you have a Safari Online license there are more resources listed.


answered 20 Jan '12, 04:46

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Funny how they criticize "software silos", but support hardware silos with the saas-class book. They want us to buy the book for the class, but the only electronic/updateable version available is for the Amazon Kindle content silo. Versions for the Apple iOS and Android content silos are announced for later.

Will the book be available as a downloadable PDF file? No.

EPUB isn't even mentioned. If this is their attitude towards interoperability and standards, I don't know what to expect from the course.


answered 20 Jan '12, 09:22

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