The word Coursera has appeared on the classes' homepages. redirects to Is this the new name for class-central?

asked 19 Jan '12, 15:02

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lacucharita ♦

This is strange. Class Central themselves appear to be surprised by the new label. Stanford's Online Learning Initiative to be called "Coursera"? More details about "Coursera" discovered
(19 Jan '12, 15:08) lacucharita ♦ lacucharita's gravatar image

It's not a new name for Class Central.

It's a new name for Stanford's platform of course offerings (just as MIT has temporarily named their platform MITx).

Best regards - Jonathan


answered 19 Jan '12, 16:03

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As the Class Central subhead says: Summary of Stanford's online course offerings(not affiliated with Stanford)
(20 Jan '12, 02:44) robrambusch ♦ robrambusch's gravatar image
I see. That wasn't there yesterday. I took class-central to be the class central. Good to know that it's not official.
(20 Jan '12, 07:52) lacucharita ♦ lacucharita's gravatar image

Coursera is the organization behind the new (spring 2012) courses from Stanford (et al). Class central is completely unaffiliated with Stanford, just set up as a resource; similarly to aiqus.


answered 19 Jan '12, 22:41

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gregmchapman ♦

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