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This is pretty short notice, but Professor Thrun is giving a talk at DLD (I believe kind of like TED http://www.dld-conference.com and he had the idea recently to get some short (~30 second) video testimonials of students talking about their experience with the course to present. Unfortunately the talk is soon so any videos will need to be submitted by the end of tomorrow or Friday. It would basically be a short video stating your name/location and a description of your experience with the class. If the file is large, send an email to videos@knowlabs.com and I can send you info on where to upload it otherwise feel free to attach it to an email sent to videos@knowlabs.com. Thanks everyone! We'll be announcing new courses soon!


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The talk will be held on Monday, 23 January 2012, at 12:40, if not change.(Standard time zone: UTC/GMT + 1 hour) Location: HVB FORUM - Kardinal-Faulhaber-Strasse, Munich (link to map)
(21 Jan '12, 18:05) jimgb ♦ jimgb's gravatar image
Please don't flag this as important when it's not generally important to your readers. "Urgent" seems to be what you meant. Now we're past the deadline but "Important" still jumps off the page when I look for current postings. That said, I hope you got more responses than we're seeing here. And thanks for the hint about new courses -- plural, that's good news indeed.
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This class was great for me and I learned a lot, and it looks like it might be opening up special opportunities for me shortly. Unfortunately, I think the best testimonial I could give would be after a few semesters or years when I'd be able to concretely talk about the opportunities that ai-class opened for me :(

This educational experience was a seed that'll be much more interesting after some time and growth.


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@beard, so you say that till you see what you can get from your studies you can not give a feedback about your educational experience with the course? Or, in other words, your educational experience depends on the future use you will give to that education? As I see it, in the future opportunities that will appear to you this class is only one parameter of many, if at all, and that parameter is based on what the others think of this class, nothing related with your educational experience in the class.
(19 Jan '12, 07:23) jimgb ♦ jimgb's gravatar image
"till you see what you can get from your studies you can not give a feedback about your educational experience with the course?" No, I just did give feedback. And sure there are many parameters that go into any opportunity, but I have some on the horizon that wouldn't have been possible without this course. Out of the tens of thousands of students who took it I think there'll be some great testimonials by students for whom opportunities have already materialized. I'll be looking forward to them and can't wait to hear some of those stories!
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Hi Irvin

I have created this a while back


I have mentioned all three professors name in it (Not sure if that would server the purpose). Let me know if not I can create another video later today or tomorrow just specific to AI class (But I think the above video is generic enough.. let me know)


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