What is the essential difference between A and Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm? From what I can understand, A is directed while Dijkstra is not. I can also think of Dijkstra's as the cheapest first.

Are they any other differences I am missing?

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A star is a general pseudo-formal formulation for defining greedy algorithms. For a real formal, mathematical definition, you have the Matroids

Djikstra is a greedy algorithm, so technically you can implement it using an A star approach, or you can just use your own implementation of a greedy algorithm.

A star is just a method, it's not an end. It's a container for any greedy algorithm.


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A* (f) uses two algorithms to balance each other:

  • (g) - Favouring paths closest to start point (Dijkstra's shortest path)
  • (h) - Favouring paths closest to end point (Best First Search)

This is what makes up the elements of f(n) = g(n) + h(n). Therefore if your h=0, then f(n) becomes g(n) or it becomes Dijkstra's algorithm. If your h='arbitrarily large number' then g(n) essentially gets ignored due to scale and A becomes Best First Search. By having a heuristic that is admissible and at the same scale as the path cost, it gives A the power to balance them both out and make a fast directed shortest path algorithm!


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Actually, Dijkstra is a particular case of A* with the heuristic h set to always return 0.


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Cristian Dinu

There are some cool little animations onthe wikipedia page for this





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