Do all questions carry equal points?

If yes, each question carries 33.33 %. Let's say, getting a 1/4 wrong in 5.2 will bring the score to 91.67. But, the system scores 89%. Currently it seems that they take 9 answers [For 5.1 - all correct or all wrong, (counting towards one unit of points) and for 5.2 and 5.3 each choice carries one unit of points.] This means that 5.2 and 5.3 carry 44.44 each adding up to 88.88 and leaving 11.11 to Q5.1, which I think is a little skewed.

Or if by design, the points are distributed as 11.11 for 5.1 and 44.44 each for the rest of the two questions? In that case, this would make sense.

Request to the aiclass team: It would be good if points are published with questions. e.g., Q1 - 20 points, Q2 - 40 points.....Total: nn points. This will help us to understand 1) the weights while answering the questions 2) understanding scores after they have been graded.

asked 17 Nov '11, 06:46

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