Aiqus started as a Q&A community for students enrolled in Stanford's globally available course: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Founders at aiqus feelt that a 100,000+ strong class could tremendously benefit from an online student driven learning community. By decentralizing how students give and receive help, they believed that mass education can be personalized.

Aiqus was designed using the OSQA question and answer system. This system is meant to be engaging, intuitive, and practical:

  • At aiqus you can ask and answer questions, as well as comment and vote on existing questions and answers. In addition, questions and answers can be revised, edited, and improved by high ranking users.
  • Rank is determined by the amount of "karma" points a user has and is awarded on the basis of participation in the community. For example, asking and answering questions that the community values (via upvotes) will earn a user "karma". In addition to "karma", users can earn badges that signify special achievements. For example, asking a question that gets more than 500 views will earn a user a Famous Question badge. Although, badges do not play a role in rank, they serve as an interesting side element for a Q&A community. For a full list of badges hit the badges tab above.
  • At aiqus, questions can be tagged with relevant keywords via the brilliant OSQA tagging system. This organizes and systematizes the questions, answers, and knowledge generated by our users.

  • Aiqus is a self-moderated Q&A community: its users can become moderators. Moderation rights are gradually assigned to site users based on the accumulated "karma" points. These points (very) roughly reflect the level of trust the community has in a user.

Aiqus is not affiliated with, funded, or in any way officially associated with Standford University.

For more information visit our faq page.